Community Management South Carolina

Are you interested in learning more about Community Management South Carolina services? What does a community manager do? The general job description of a community manager is that they manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration and improvement of commercial, industrial or residential real estate properties. Some of the common duties include:

  • Planning and scheduling maintenance, repairs, remodeling and construction for the property
  • Collecting rental fees, deposits, insurance payments, mortgages, taxes and any other incurred operating expenses
  • Inspecting the grounds, facilities and equipment to determine if they require maintenance or repairs
  • Act as a liaison between landlords, managers and tenants
  • Meet with potential tenants to show the property and provide information about the area
  • Market the property to fill vacant spaces
  • Prepare budget and financial reports for the property
  • Direct and coordinate any other staff or personnel and evaluate their overall performance

There are numerous other duties performed by a community management company, but these are the most common tasks outlined in a generic job description.

SC Community Management

If you own Columbia South Carolina Real Estate it’s always a good idea to protect your investment by working with a professional SC Community Management company who can oversee the operations of the property, or properties. Landmark Resources LLC was established in 1983 and since then the company has been fully committed to providing every client with top-notch community management and real estate services. If you would like to learn more about the company or if you are interested in hiring them for SC Community Management of your property connect with the team today to discuss your options.